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India Launches Children’s Right to Education

It is now legally enforceable for every child to demand free and elementary education between the ages of six and 14 years.

Indian PM Manmohan Singh said enough funds would be made available to ensure that children had access to education.

An estimated eight million children aged between six and 14 do not currently attend school in India.

Mr Singh said that the government was committed “to ensuring that all children irrespective of gender and social category have access to education”. Continue reading

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Interview: Peter Sigrist and Katia Savchuk, co-founders of polis

I’ve mentioned before that though I didn’t discover polis until after beginning planologie, polis is in many ways a working model for what I hope planologie will become. Sitting down (virtually – we chatted online via Google WAVE) with Pete and Katia, the cofounders of polis, seemed logical for the first planologie interview.
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Tibetan Traditional Architecture: The Vernacular Under Fire

Tibet has produced one of the world’s most unique and easily-recognizable forms of architecture. Nevertheless, systematic study of Tibetan architecture is still a comparatively unexplored field. Tibetan construction activities can be traced back over 1300 years, when the first Buddhist temples were built in central Tibet. One of these, the Lhasa Jokhang, still exists and yields important information about the origins and early development of Tibetan architecture (see architectural history of the Lhasa Jokhang).
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3 Houses That Fit Their Climate Perfectly

Like all architects and designers I share a common curiosity about the innards of products, which often leads me to dissecting and disassembling them. I recently found sketches I had made of houses and their sections while visiting parts of India characterized by extreme climates. I revisited those sketches, this time looking through a lens of sustainability and environmental sensitivity.
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from Good.is: Chicago Turns into Texas

It’s finally here. “The most important meeting in history.” The Copenhagen Climate Conference. COP15. The time when world leaders will come together to secure for future generations a safe and stable climate similar to that in which all life has evolved and modern societies have developed. Or will they? Continue reading

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