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Portland Creatives Find New Ways to Work Together

Portland, Oregon—the misty evergreen Shangri-La for the young, the creative, and the progressive—has an interesting problem. Its miles of bike lanes, its rock-bottom rents, its deep vats of craft brews are all far too good. Yes, Portland has actually made itself too attractive. According to one study that compared May of 2009 with May of 2008, Oregon’s unemployment has grown faster than any other state in the country, 3 percent. For large metropolitan areas in the country, Portland has one of the highest unemployment rates, which topped out at about 11.8 percent—even higher than Detroit. To blame, some economists believe, are the large numbers of designers and artists who have been moving there without jobs, dubbed the dubious “young creatives.”
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Ideas for Cities

From Talent Developers in city halls to Tech Missions roaming the streets of our cities, the ideas on the future good life in cities that emerged from our Velocity Salon in Grand Rapids are being brilliantly showcased on GOOD.is as part of a series called Ideas for Cities. Check out the ideas (and the very cool graphics GOOD created to go with them) below. Continue reading

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from Good.is: Chicago Turns into Texas

It’s finally here. “The most important meeting in history.” The Copenhagen Climate Conference. COP15. The time when world leaders will come together to secure for future generations a safe and stable climate similar to that in which all life has evolved and modern societies have developed. Or will they? Continue reading

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