As mentioned on the About page, the Planologie Blog is a clearinghouse for inquiries, observations, tirades, reviews, and concerns regarding the ideas people have (or don’t), the actions they take (or don’t), the things they make (or don’t), and the impact it all seems to have, not have, or might someday have. It’s a place to ask questions as well as offer solutions, a place for experts and non-experts alike to converse, debate, and occasionally climb onto the soapbox. Submissions are both welcomed and encouraged, as are comments. Talking to the wall is only fun for so long.

Got something to say? Good. Rules? There are no rules here. Well, actually, there are a few.

(1) No academic obfuscation; planologie does not live in ivory towers and so will be discussed here with clarity and straightforwardness. The point is to communicate.

(2) Keep things constructive. No personal attacks, no axe-grinding. Don’t pull any punches, but choose your words wisely.

(3) Honesty is better than hipness, inclusion is better than exclusion, and asking questions is better than forcing answers.

(4) Easy on the self-promotion; it’s only cool when it benefits others.

(5) If it affects a lot of people, and if there’s something to be done about it, then it’s probably an appropriate topic. Be creative, innovative, go out on a limb, smash the box. Show us how to see the world with new eyes.

Email me with submissions, ideas, or excerpts (pasted into the body) and let’s get the ball rolling.

Call for Entries

In 50 words or fewer, email me what you think is the single greatest challenge that must be met by the next generation of planners. Be specific, be concise, and be honest. Selected entries will be collected and published in an upcoming post.


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