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Why We Need Innovation, Not Insulation

Conservation and behavior change alone will not get us to the dramatically lower levels of CO2 emissions needed to make a real difference. We also need to focus on developing innovative technologies that produce energy without generating any CO2 emissions at all.
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Food for Thought: Muhammad Yunus

source Excerpted from Knowledge@Wharton My greatest challenge has been to change the mindset of people. Mindsets play strange tricks on us. We see things the way our minds have instructed our eyes to see.” continue reading at

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Creating Car-Reduced and Car-Free Pedestrian Habitats

It will take a long time for the US to embrace pedestrians, bicycling, and electric carts as substitutes for cars in our communities. And yet an inevitable change is coming that will significantly increase environmental quality, and restore real community and economic viability. Changing legislation, master planning, and the development of car-reduced and car-free communities will move us forward, writes Greg Ramsey. Continue reading

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Our Back Yard: Open & Playful in a Land of Fences

Unlike many parents these days, I have no desire to invest in expensive play equipment, then have it used only by my children and the kids they invite over for playdates. So, my number one goal for the features I installed in my back yard was enticing neighbor kids to freely go around, over, or through our back fence to use them on a regular basis. That means they have to be very attractive, and also that means that I need to reach out frequently to those neighbors with whom we share fences to establish and maintain good relations. Continue reading

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Enrique Penalosa – City of Equality

During his three-year term as mayor of Bogotá, Colómbia, Peñalosa implemented profound changes which transformed the capital and changed the attitude of its 7 million inhabitants. He massively improved slums, built formidable schools and nurseries, beautiful libraries and hundreds of parks and other pedestrian spaces. He was a leading innovator in America in creating a bicycle path network, restricting car use and radically improving pedestrian facilities, building more than a hundred kilometres of pedestrian streets and greenways. Inspired by the Curitiba model, he created the TransMilenio bus transit system which has been a role model to many cities.
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