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All Hail Sadik-Khan: Midwinter Ululating

The fact is, the lack of bike parking in the city sucks- this is not Portland- and a simple rack can go a long way. ‘Til now, I have been critical of the new NYCity Rack by Beetlelab. However, if enough can be in place by the spring time that we no longer have to lock haphazardly to scaffolding and street signs- easy prey for bike thieves- then I am all in.
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from FASLANYC: Die Mythisch Verloren Stadt!

There’s been a bit of a dust up in the past decade concerning one of the most American of themes- the mythical city of riches! The Ancient City of Z has been profiled again in recent years as new archeological efforts and methods, including aerial photography and satellite imagery, have revealed the existence of sophisticated urban cultures existing in the Amazon river basin for hundreds of years prior to European arrival. Continue reading

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from FASLANYC: You Only Go to Midtown if You’re a Masochist

The NYALSA President’s Dinner was held in NYC this past week and one of the guests of honor was DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. In the last three years Sadik-Khan has reached cult status here in the city; she is a potent combination of geeky transportation guru, guerilla designer, and hipster chic. She gives talks with Mitchell Joachim and David Byrne, Transportation Alternatives chief Paul Steely “Don’t call me Steely” White is a big fan, and she initiated the popular Summer Streets program, all while holding court in Albany and ruthlessly expanding bike lines and pedestrian amenities throughout the city. She’s got a cadre of young upstarts in her department that think bikers and pedestrians have priority over the maniacal cab drivers and trash trucks, and sometimes she even takes their side.

But, I’m not here to list her accomplishments. I am here to critique the tangible results. Continue reading

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from FASLANYC: Shitty Eco-Urban Park-like Place

In the past decade or so many articles have been written and promising careers made by speculating on the potential of landscape and architecture for remaking infrastructure.  The movement has even given rise to the “emerging field” of landscape urbanism, home of such … Continue reading

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