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It’s Where We Live

Home, by Yann-Arthus Bertrand. A stunning photographic exploration of our own backyard, a surprising amount of which I felt like I was seeing for the first time. The whole movie is here… Advertisements

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Stranger Studies 101: Cities as Interaction Machines

{article from The Atlantic; text by Kio Stark; image one from flickr/albedo20; image two from Library of Congress: Crowd around a race car} [The Atlantic] Editor’s Note: Nothing has challenged our notions about what it means to “know” or “meet” someone more … Continue reading

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India Launches Children’s Right to Education

It is now legally enforceable for every child to demand free and elementary education between the ages of six and 14 years.

Indian PM Manmohan Singh said enough funds would be made available to ensure that children had access to education.

An estimated eight million children aged between six and 14 do not currently attend school in India.

Mr Singh said that the government was committed “to ensuring that all children irrespective of gender and social category have access to education”. Continue reading

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