Planologie Returns

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Yep, I’m back.

First off, thank you to the thousands of readers who continued to visit the Planologie Blog despite nary a new post in over a month. I expected my modest readership to dry up completely, and am quite pleased to be proven wrong.

Secondly, I’m changing things up a bit. Sea changes in my life have sent me on a bit of a walkabout, with my next couple of years to be spent studying Urban Studies in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Madrid, among other European locales. First, though, I’m in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Boston for a month apiece. I’m going to spend less time researching articles to repost, more time exploring, observing, and documenting my travels. Posts will no longer be daily; two or three per week is my new target, and it might take a bit before I’m back to even that. The viewpoint will remain, of course, focused on urban planning-related issues.

Next up is a look at rights-of-way in Seaside, Florida, that New Urbanist Shangri-la. I spent a few enjoyable hours biking around town on my way to New Orleans, and came away impressed most by the variety of pathways built for people (not cars).

Again, thank you everyone for sticking with me. Hopefully the best is yet to come.

– Josh

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2 Responses to Planologie Returns

  1. Des says:


    Glad you’re back. What is the program that you’ll be doing? Do you have a particular research focus, or is it design/practice based?

    Best wishes,


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