Cycling Friendly Cities


The film features lots of happy cyclists from the Netherlands, Denmark and Colombia, and shows how creating a bicycle-friendly city is the civilised thing to do.

Scripted by Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá and the poster-child for city-wide bicycle advocacy, the movie was produced by the Netherlands-based Interface for Cycling Expertise (I-CE).

It was made in 2004 and received a financial contribution from the Dutch Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS). Shimano sponsored the CD distribution of the movie. These CDs are handed out at global cycle campaigning events. received permission to broadcast the film from I-CE.

check out tons more videos and podcasts at

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3 Responses to Cycling Friendly Cities

  1. Thanks for posting this, Daniel. As an Australian living in Amsterdam, I’ve seen the best and worst of bike-friendly cities. Amsterdam being the best (though I also rode in Denmark last year which was great – see link below.) Sydney is the worst, though there are battles on to improve it – our Lord Mayor and Premier there are both cyclists, so there is hope!

    Cheers, Richard

    • Josh Grigsby says:

      Actually, Richard, my name’s Josh. Daniel has his own fine site at I do recommend it. Thank you, though, for checking out the planologie blog, and for sharing your cycling experiences. I’d love to hear what for you, specifically, makes Amsterdam a great city for bikes.

  2. Nuje says:

    Hi everyone,

    Just interested in cycling. I presumed there are great bikers from Denmark that could make the country proud whenever there is international cycling competition. Have you tried travelling around the country by cycling?

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