All Hail Sadik-Khan: Midwinter Ululating

Janette Sadik-Khan Biking to Work, photo by Randy Harris

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Well, it’s the middle of February and it seems that spring will never come. So, in the interest of pitiful and weak-minded self-preservation I thought it would be good to prime the Springtime pump and head out to the streets to report on bicycled-themed developments which promise big changes in our city landscape, should the god-forsaken winter ever break and fairer days finally start to peak through.

Firstly, last week while waiting in line for a “slice of plain” I regrettably found myself paging through the NY Post. While it’s true that the Post is the rebellious, sleazy kid-brother to the Times’ stately and dignified journalistic voice it can be a good time-killer. No one covers a melodramatic non-story as hysterically as they do. Occasionally they even impart knowledge of real significance.

Case in point is this announcement- tucked neatly next to a photo of a buxom Kardashian Sister- that city parking meters are being turned into bicycle racks. While you may or may not like the aesthetic of this particular rack, the ingenuity with which they are being installed- use the existing footing and surrounding paving of the old parking meters as the structure to attach on of these racks- is surely worthy of a slow clap.

The fact is, the lack of bike parking in the city sucks- this is not Portland- and a simple rack can go a long way. ‘Til now, I have been critical of the new NYCity Rack by Beetlelab. However, if enough can be in place by the spring time that we no longer have to lock haphazardly to scaffolding and street signs- easy prey for bike thieves- then I am all in.

New NYCity Racks Along Broadway

In other news, last week I was paging through the day’s AM New York while riding the elevated 7 Train when I stumbled across a tiny news release. Mayor Bloomberg has announced that Broadway will be permanently made into pedestrian space at Times Square. A capital project will be created to refine and further implement the changes spearheaded by transit demigod, hipster-chic celebrity and NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.

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One Response to All Hail Sadik-Khan: Midwinter Ululating

  1. David Yoon says:

    If you dig Janette Sadik-Khan (and who doesn’t?) then you might be interested in a conference she’ll be speaking in Los Angeles called the 2010 StreetSummit: Biking, Walking, and Beyond ( It’s on March 20 (one week away), free, and will feature workshops and seminars devoted to complete streets and general fun for all. I’ll be presenting there too, doing a workshop on urban design visualizations based on my own project called Narrow Streets: Los Angeles (

    If you happen to live in LA, I hope to see you there!

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