Twelve Cubed – Living Comfortably in 144 Square Feet

from Sustainable Cities Collective:

James Stuart is relatively new to the small house movement. Based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, his company Twelve Cubed makes 10-square foot and 12-Square foot micro houses. Thinking about a new small house, a guest house, a studio, or a rental – check out Twelve Cubed. Pricing is dependent on options but starts at CDN $24,500. Read more below to hear it in James’ own words.

Twelve Cubed

When I started designing the cube, a conscious decision was made to make it comfortable and practical. Somewhere you could be happy to invite friends over to, somewhere you would be proud of. A home, not just shelter.

Twelve Cubed

So I started with a blank piece of paper and concentrated on what I liked about a conventional home and tried to eliminate what I didn’t like. It had to be bright and airy, nothing toxic involved in its construction, and built in as environmentally friendly way as possible.

I decided that the bedroom and bathroom had to be on the same floor because I did not want to negotiate narrow stairs or a ladder in the dark if I wanted to use the washroom at night which is a problem in most micro houses. With the main living area higher up, I could get more light inside the cube. By having the large french doors on the 12×12 unit, it makes it easy to invite the outside in. The first impression you get when you walk in the front door is how large and airy it feels. Everyone can’t believe its only 12×12.

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2 Responses to Twelve Cubed – Living Comfortably in 144 Square Feet

  1. I think it’s a great idea. I love it! I work for a non profit agency and we would like to know more about this twelve cubed houses. There is a huge shortage of affordable housing in our town and we desperately need to find a solution to it. We live in Smithers, BC.

    They are so cute too!

  2. Josh Grigsby says:

    You should check out Twelve Cubed’s site ( and contact them directly. I don’t know them personally and so can’t vouch for them, but their micro houses sure look cool and could certainly be a viable option for affordable housing. Good luck with your work.

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