Ideas for Cities

I’ve been listening to Carol Coletta‘s podcasts on Smart City Radio, and decided to check out CEOs For Cities, an organization headed by Coletta that seems pretty good despite its name. Here’s a list of ideas for reconnecting, rejuvenating, and redefining our cities (from the CEOs for Cities website):

From Talent Developers in city halls to Tech Missions roaming the streets of our cities, the ideas on the future good life in cities that emerged from our Velocity Salon in Grand Rapids are being brilliantly showcased on as part of a series called Ideas for Cities.  Check out the ideas (and the very cool graphics GOOD created to go with them) below.

In the meantime, we’ve taken those ideas and the overarching vision of the future of cities created in Grand Rapids and D.C. and have been picking the brains of some of the smartest designers, message developers and generally super-smart people to craft a compelling means to tell this story po

werfully. It’s still in the works, but the essential theme is this: US.

If we’re going to invest in US, we need to invest in our cities. Our cities should be Of, By and For US.


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